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How to Recover Deleted Photos on Samsung Device

by Kelly , Dec 05, 2016

People enjoy taking photos to record the interesting moments. As those people who like using their phone to take pictures, it is an annoying thing to lose favorite pictures on their phone. Thus, how can we retrieve lost photos? Don't worry. Here is an article about recovering photos on your phone.

Android Data Recovery - your handy photo recovery tool

That is the software, Android Data Recovery, which can retrieve your pictures. It supported all kinds of Samsung phones. In addition to recover pictures, it also can recover documents, messages, contacts, etc.

Tip: As a suggestion, you should not update your Samsung files in case that they are overwritten.

Now, we go through the guide step by step.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

Step 1: Download and install

After finishing the download, install and run this program on the screen.

Step 2: Connect your Samsung phone to the PC via USB

To start with, you should link Samsung phone to your computer with USB cable. Most importantly, you need to enable USB debugging. After doing that, you will see some types of file to choose. If picture is the only thing you want to retrieve, you should select "Gallery". Then, tap "Next" to next step.

connect your phone to computer

Step 3: Analyze and scan your Samsung phone

At that time, you will see two analysis modes to select. The better advice is to select "Standard Mode". If you want to have deeper analysis, you can choose "Advanced Mode". Then you will see a window on your Samsung phone, and click "Allow" to enable the program to perform a deep scan over your phone.

scan mode

Step 4: Preview and recover photos on your Samsung phone

You will see the deleted photos appearing the screen one by one during scanning. Next, you are able to choose the pictures what you need to recover. Lastly, you should click "Recover" button at the bottom.

recover photos

Step 5: Do backup your Samsung phone

Doing backup your Android data frequently is the best way to prevent the data from losing.

Following this five steps, you can easily retrieve your cherish photos by yourself. Of course, this software also can help you recover other data if you need. Remember it, Android Data Recovery. Why not download it and have a try now?

backup your phone

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

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