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How to Recover Deleted Files on Android Devices

by Angie , Jul 30, 2016

Files like photos, messages and documents may be accidentally deleted when yourself or your kids tap "delete" on the Android device. Once it's done, your files may get deleted on your Android phone or tablet. In addition, you may lose the data if your Micro SD card got corrupted. When it happens, in most cases, files will lose and cannot be restored.
Unexpectedly, the data on your phone may be overwritten suddenly. There is another possibility that your photos and other files on your Android device. Although it's not the common case, but things like pictures in your Android devices will not be back when it happens.

So, in case of losing the files, backing up your files routinely is suggested. By doing this, you can restore your files easily. But if you forget to backup files on your phone and you happen to lose it, Android Data Recovery can be a good helper for you to restore your deleted photos, messages and document. There is some information leading you to solve the problems.

Android Data recovery - your handy tool for data recovery

With the help of Android Data Recovery, you can easily recover your deleted files on Android. If you delete your files like photos, messages and so on accidentally and you forgot to backup them before, then you can try Android Data Recovery.

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Guidance: How to Recover Deleted Pictures from Android Phones & Tablets

Step 1. Download and install Android data recovery
After the installation, connect your Android phone to your computer with a digital cable. Warm tip: Ensure your Android phone's battery level is more than 20%. When you see the primary screen below, connect your phone to computer via USB.

connect device to computer

Step 2.Enable Debug on your Android device
• For Android 2.3 or earlier, you should click on "Settings" and then "Applications". Then click on "Development" and tick "USB debugging".
• For Android 3.0 to 4.1, Click on "Settings", then "Development" and then tick "USB debugging".
• For versions newer than 4.2, Click on "Settings", then "About Phone". Tap on "Build Number" several times until you get a note saying, "you are under developer mode." Then click back to "Settings" and then "Developer options" and tick the "USB debugging".

enable USB debugging

Step 3. Detect and analyze your android device by Android data recovery
Click on "Start". It will take several minutes to analyze your device.

identify Android device

Step 4. Click "Allow" to proceed the recovery

When the request pops on the Android phone or device, click "Allow". Then the software will scan deeply for your device.

allow superSU

Step 5. Click the "Start" again
Once the deep analysis is finished, the "Start" will appear again. Just click it. And then the deeper scan of your SD card and internal memory will start again.

The recovery of your deleted files will be restored immediately.

recover deleted photos

Step 6. Do the data recovery

Just choose the photos you want to recover and you will get them back immediately.

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