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How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy S7 Phone

by Angie , Sep 30, 2016

People sometimes lock their Samsung Galaxy S7 accidentally, but it is not a hardship to unlock it. To bypass the passcode and unlock your Samsung Galaxy phone, Samsung Lock Screen Removal would be helpful for you to get access to your phone.

Samsung Lock Screen Removal - professional tool to unlock Samsung Galaxy

Samsung Lock Screen Removal is an effective way to unlock Samsung Galaxy. With it, you can easily remove your lock screen and retrieve your data.

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Step 1.Choose Android Lock Screen Removal
Install and start Android Lock Screen Removal on your computer. Click on "Lock Screen Removal" section to enable this feather.
download Android lock screen removal

Step 2.Start to unlock the passcode on your device
You can start to remove your screen lock from this step. First, connect your phone and click on "start". Then you can remove your fingerprint password, patterns and also your PIN in just a few seconds.
start to remove the screen lock

Step 3.Enter download mode
Now you need to enter the download mode. Follow the instruction and achieve it.
1. Power off your handset.
2. Press and hold Volume down, the Home button and the Power button concomitantly.
3. To enter Download Mode, press the Volume Up button.
enter the download mode

Step 4.Download the recovery package
Now your Samsung Galaxy Phone is in Download Mode. Just wait until it finishes downloading the recovery package.
download recovery package

Step 5.Unlock your Samsung Galaxy successfully
At this moment, the program should be done and it will display on the main interface. With Samsung Lock Screen Removal, you can unlock locked Samsung Galaxy phone easily and quickly. Now you are able to access your handset without being prompted for a password.
unlock Samsung Galaxy successfully

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

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