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How to Remove Pattern Lock without Losing Data

by Angie , Oct 27, 2016

For privacy protection, people may use pattern lock to secure their Android phones. However, Android phones sometimes will be locked accidentally while people forget their pattern or other reasons. When you encounter this situation, don't worry. Android Lock Screen Removal can be a good tool for you to unlock the pattern lock without data loss. Just follow the steps.

Android Lock Screen Removal - professional tool to remove pattern lock on Android phone

Android Lock Screen Removal provides an effective method to remove pattern lock on Android phones or tablets. With it, you can easily bypass the pattern lock without losing your data.

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Step 1.Launch Android Lock Screen Removal
First, launch the program on your computer. Click at the section "Lock Screen Removal". Then it will prompt you to connect your phone to it.
Android Pattern Lock Removal

Step 2.Connect your phone to computer
Connect your locked Android phone to your computer using a USB cable.
connect Android to computer

Step 3.Start to unlock pattern lock
Click on "Start" to run the process of removing pattern lock. The program will begin to unlock process.
unlock pattern lock function

Step 4.Go for download mode
Next, your need to follow the instruction and enter the download mode.
download mode over Android

Step 5.Download recovery package
In this step, you need to download the recovery package. It may take you a few minutes. Please wait patiently.
recovery process

Step 6.Remove Android pattern lock
When the download process finishes, the program will automatically remove your pattern lock. During the process of pattern lock removal, the data on your phone will not be deleted. When it is done, you can use your Android phone freely without pattern lock. Make sure not forget your passcode again.
remove pattern lock successfully

Note: You may also use Android Lock Screen Removal to unlock your PIN code and other locked situation.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

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