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How to Recover Data from Black Screen Samsung Phone

by Kelly , Jan 04, 2017

No matter how careful you are, an accident may happen from time to time. If you drop your Samsung mobile on the floor or into water, your phone might be suffered from a black screen. Also, other physical damages may lead to the black screen of your Samsung device. When you see the screen has turned totally black and you cannot get it back, then you have to consider how to get your important data back.

Samsung Data Extractor - a professional tool for you to recover data

You may worry about the data on your phone when the screen of your Samsung mobile is broken or won't turn on. With the help of Samsung File Extraction, you can retrieve your data quick and easily.

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Step 1. Download and connect your device to PC

If you completed download and install Android Data Recovery, you can connect your black screen Samsung phone to your computer using the USB cable.

connect device to PC

Attention: You need to enable the USB debugging. So that you can continue next step.

enable USB debugging

Step 2. Choose the data types to restore

On the next window, you need to choose the types of data you want to recover. Just tick the checkbox next to it. Click 'Next' to go on next process.

data types

Step 3.Select the fault type of your Samsung phone

From the window below, there are two types of the damaged phone: one is "Touch cannot be used or cannot access the phone" while the other is "Black screen or broken screen". Choose one which suits your situation.

fault type

Step 4. Fill in the information of your mobile phone

In this process, you need to choose the type of your device name and device model correctly. If the information is wrong, maybe it will lead to bricking your phone or any other errors.

the information of phone

Step 5. Enter the download mode

In order to enter the download mode, press the Volume Down Key, the Power key and the Home Key at the same time.

download mode

Step 6. Analyze the Samsung mobile

After connecting your Android phone to the computer again, it will take you a few seconds for Samsung Data Extraction to analyze your Samsung device.

analyze phone

Step 7. Recover the data

This is the last process. Select the files you want to save and then click on "Recover".

restore data

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