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How to Fix Bricked Samsung Phones and Tablets

by Kelly , Jan 22, 2017

If your Samsung device update was interrupted before it was completed, bricking is more likely to happen. If you installing erroneous firmware or trying to install the wrong firmware on the wrong hardware, it may cause Samsung devices to brick. Any harmful software also can cause bricking.
Fortunately, there are good ways to restore your bricked phone. Just follow the guide, which will introduce you to easily get back data on your device before showing you the steps needed to fix a bricked Samsung.
Warm tip: Remember to retrieve all of your data before doing anything because it may be overwritten.

Android File Extractor – a handy tool to fix bricked Samsung phone

To extract data from your bricked Samsung phone, you can recover your data easily and quickly with the help of Android File Extractor.

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Step 1: Launch Android File Extractor

After having finished download and installation, you can start the software and select "Android Data Extraction". Select the data format that you want to recover and click the 'Start' button.

launch android file extractor

Step 2: Choose the data types

There are some types of data for you to choose in this window. Select the data that you want to restore. Then click the 'Next' button to next step.

choose data types

Step 3: Select the damaged situation of your Samsung phone
In this process, you need to choose the situation of your damaged phone is facing. Either choose "Touch doesn't work or cannot access the phone" or "Black/broken screen".
On the new window, fill in the real information of the device of your Samsung device. Click the 'Next' button.

Attention: You need to make sure the information is correct. Or having other failures that could be beyond remedy.

select the damaged situation of your samsung phone

Step 4: Enter the download mode

Follow the guidance to put your Samsung device in its download mode.

enter download mode

Step 5: Have an analysis on your Samsung device

Connect your Samsung device to the computer to start analyzing your device automatically.

analyze your samsung device

Step 6: Preview the recoverable data and recover

The software will list out all recoverable files according to its file types. Highlight the data to preview it. Choose the data that you want to recover and click on 'Recover' to save that you want to be saved.

preview and recover data

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

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