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How to Extract Data on your Samsung Mobile With not Working Screen

by Angie , Aug 08, 2016

There are several reasons for the Samsung Galaxy screen problem. Maybe it's just because your battery has no enough battery to power it. Or there's a physical damage to the touch screen. Or a fault in the hardware inside the device causes the screen unresponsively. And the dead pixel is also a problem. When the above problems happen, don't worry. You can extract your data easily from the not working Samsung Galaxy phone.

Samsung Data Extractor – a program to extract file on your Android

With Android Data Extractor, you can recover files on your Samsung mobiles easily. You don't need to worry about the broken screen, water-damaged screen and so on. Follow the steps and retrieve data you need.

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Step 1.Run Android Data Extractor
Start Android Data Extractor on your computer and click "Scan". Connect your Samsung mobile to your computer.
connect Samsung mobile to computer

Step 2.Select the file types to retrieve
After the scanning process, you will see the following screen. Check the file types you would like to recover.
choose file to extract

Step 3.Choose the fault type of your phone
If your screen doesn’t work well, then you can choose the "Touch doesn't work or cannot access the phones" option. If you broke your Samsung mobile accidentally, then you need to choose the "Black/broken screen"button.
choose the fault type
And then choose the "Device Name"and "Device Model". Click "Next"to continue the process.
choose the device name and model

Step 4.Enter the download mode
Enter the download mode. Please follow the guides provided by the program.
enter download mode

Step 5.Analyze the phone
Connect your Samsung Galaxy to your computer using a USB cable. The software will detect your device and then scan it.
analyze the Samsung mobile

Step 6.Recover data from Samsung phones
recover data
After the software finish analyzing the phone, you will see the following window. Check the files if you want to retrieve them. Select all the files you want and click on "Recover"button.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

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