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How to Extract the Files on Dead Android Device

by Kelly , Jan 16, 2017

Maybe you would encounter Android cell phone death occasionally. When your Android device doesn't work anymore, your phone becomes completely dead. And you are very eager to retrieve your files, so you are very worried. Just keep calm. Here I would like to recommend you an ideal and safe tool. Let's follow the guidance.

Android Data Extractor - a tool to extract files on dead Android phone

With the help of Android Data Extractor, you would find that recovery is not a difficult task on a dead phone and you can restore your files easily and successfully.

Warm tip: It can only extract the existing data on the phone.

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Step 1. Run Android Data Extractor

Download Android Data Extractor and install it on your computer. Then connect your Android mobile phone to your PC via the USB cable.

connect device

When you see the following window, choose "Android Data Extraction (Damaged Device)".

choose "Android Data Extraction"

Step 2. Select the file types to recover

When the scan process finishes, you will see the following window. You need to select file types what you want to recover. If you want to recover all kinds of data, you may tap 'select all' directly. Click 'Next' when you're already done.

the type of files

Step 3. Choose the fault type’s Android mobile

After selecting the file types to recover, you need to choose the fault type for your Android device. There will be two options. Just select the one which matches your phone state.

the fault type

Step 4. Finish the information of your phone
After choosing the fault type which is right for your Android phone, you need to select the "Device Name" and "Device Model".

Attention: Make sure the device model you selected is correct. Otherwise, it may lead to the phone being bricked or could be beyond remedy.

device mode

Step 5. Initiating download mode

In this process, you need to let your Android mobile phone to enter download mode. Just follow the instructions provided on the window to start the process.

the download mode

Step 6. Analyze your Android phone

You do not have to click any button. Android Data Extractor will analyze the data on your phone automatically.

analysis process

Step 7. Have a look and recover files on your Android mobile

After completing the analysis process, you need to select data what you need to recover. and then click 'Recover' to begin the process.

recover files

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

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