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How to Undelete Data on Your Sony mobile

by Kelly , Jan 09, 2017

Sometimes when you are playing mobile phone and your hand is so-call out of control, you may unconcernedly hit the wrong button on your device and then delete something important on your phone. Except for the enormous regret, you must think about how to undelete your data as soon as possible. Don't worry. With Android Data Recovery, you can easily undelete your lost data.

Android Data Recovery - your handy tool for data recovery

When you delete your files accidentally, you may think about how to undelete your data quickly. Don't worry. Android Data Recovery is your ideal choice.

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Just follow the steps and undelete your files.

Step 1.Download Android Data Recovery
Download Android Data Recovery and start it on your computer. And then connect your Sony phone to your computer by using a USB cable. Make sure that your USB cable is sturdy enough.

connect device to computer

Step 2.Enable USB debugging
After connect device to your computer, you will see the following window. Enable USB debugging to ensure your device can be recognized.

enable usb debugging

Step 3. Choose the file types
Choose the file types you need. And click on "Next" to continue.
choose the file types

Step 4.Choose the scanning mode
In the following window, you need to choose the scanning mode for undeleting your data. The "Standard Mode" is suggested. It can save you a lot of time. You can also choose "Advance mode" for a full scan. But it will take you more time.
scan mode

Step 5.Select files you want to undelete
After the scanning process, you will see the following window. Choose files that you want to undelete and then click on "Recover".

And that's how to undelete your data on your Sony mobile (rooted or unrooted).

recover data on Android phone

It will take a very long time for device to erase files from storage system. So it means that your deleted files are still present. But to undelete them, you need a specialized program. And one more time, you can use backup your files frequently to prevent your data from being lost.

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