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How to Restore Deleted Videos on Samsung Tablet

by Kelly , Dec 22, 2016

People enjoy making some videos to record funny time. Nevertheless, people will delete them incautiously. So what can we do? Don't be afraid. Now you can recover your deleted videos. Beyond that, you can recover your deleted messages, audios, documents and so on.
Note: there are many formats absolutely supported: mp4, .m4v, .mpg, etc.

Android Data Recovery – your convenient video recovery tool

Using Android Data Recovery, you can restore the data if you delete the videos accidentally. After that, you can find that it's convenient and efficient to recover your lost videos.

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Step 1: Using the USB to connect your device with your computer

Operate Android Data Recovery and link your Samsung Tablet with your PC via a USB.

connect your sumsung tablet to PC

Step 2: Enable the USB debugging
You need to let the USB debugging on your Samsung Tablet after connecting. Then following the instruction.

enable USB debugging

Step 3: Select "videos" to browse
In order to let Android Data Recovery identify your Samsung Tablet, you should tap 'Next'.


If you need to permit the program superuser authorization, you should click 'Allow' on the screen of your tablet. Then, inspect "Videos" to repair your lost videos.

allow superuser

Step 4: Select the scan mode for video recovery
There are 2 modes what you can choose: "Standard Mode" or "Advanced Mode". As advised, the "Standard Mode" will be better. Also, you can choose the "Advanced Mode" for the total scan. But it will spend more time.

choose scan mode

Step 5: Recover the lost video
Tap "Videos" in the left sidebar after accomplishing the scanning process. After that, click 'Recover' to recover the deleted videos to your computer after inspecting the videos you need.

recover videos

Warm prompt: In my opinion, if you incautiously lose your videos, photos and other significant data on your Samsung Tablet, you will be so sad. So it is important to backup your videos routinely to prevent the irresistible data loss.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

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