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How to Recover Deleted Photos from HTC Phone

by Kelly , Feb 20, 2017

If you lost your favorite pictures due to various causes such as ROM flashing, factory resetting, deleting, rooting or others, please calm down and don't get mad. Here I will recommend you Android Data Recovery to assist you to regain deleted or lost photos on your HTC mobile phone. As long as the lost data is not overwritten, Android Data Recovery can help you scan them out and let you preview as well as retrieve them. So, stop using your phone after data loss in case of data overwriting.

Android Data Recovery – your handy tool to do photos recovery

With the help of Android Data Recovery, read and follow the steps as below to get back all your deleted pictures from HTC.

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Step 1: Launch Android Data Recovery on PC

Download and install the recovery tool on your computer. Launch the program, you will get the window as below. Then use the USB cable to connect your HTC phone to PC.

connect your htc phone

Step 2: Enable USB Debugging on your cell phone

In this step, you very need to enable USB debugging. Here are three ways for different Android version. According to the steps, please enable USB debugging on your HTC.

enable usb debugging

Step 3: Select the file's type
As the example, you need to restore photos. So you select "Gallery", then the program will analyze pictures from your phone to save time.

If you click "Select all", you are able to recover data from Android device.

choose the type of files

Step 4: Choose the scan mode

Here are two scanning modes to select. As the professional suggestion, choosing "Standard Mode" should be your first choice. If this mode can not be satisfied your requirement, you had better select another one.

scan mode

Step 5: Preview and get back photos

Stop scanning when the needed photos have been scanned out. Now you can preview the lost photos one by one and select you are wanted to retrieve. Click 'Recover', this program will save them onto your computer. The recovering will be finished in minutes.

get back the deleted pictures

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

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