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How to Backup and Restore Data on Android

by Angie , Oct 06, 2016

People always forget to backup their data frequently. When one loses it, they always feel upset and eager to find out some ways to solve the problem. With Android Backup Recovery, you can easily backup and restore your important data whenever you need. To achieve backup and restore over Android, simply follow these easy steps.

Android Backup Tool - professional tool to restore and backup your data

Android Backup Tool is an effective utility for you to manage data on Android. With it, you don't need to worry about the issue on data backup.

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Step 1.Run Android Backup Tool
Install and run Android Backup Tool on your computer. Then connect your Android device to computer using a USB cable.

Android Data Extractor

Step 2.Choose "Android Data Backup & Restore"
Click on "More Tools" and then choose "Android Data Backup & Restore"

Backup Android Data

Step 3.Click on "Backup" button
In the next window, you will see basic information about your device and would give either Backup or Restore option. Click on the "Backup" button.

Backup Samsung mobile

Step 4.Choose file type to backup
The tool will detect different kinds of data files that are available for backup. Simply select the ones you like to backup.

Backup multiple filetypes

Step 5.Start the process of backup
Click the "Backup" button for the process to start. It will let you know the progress of it as well.

Backup process

Step 6.Complete the backup
When the whole process has finished, there will be a window to show you that backup has been completed! Then you can choose "View the backup" to see the what tasks had you recently performed.

Backup process done

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

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