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How to Recover Deleted Video from Android SD Card

by Kelly , Feb 06, 2017

Many people like to store videos on the SD cards of their Android phone. Because it's simple and convenient enough. However, the accident often occurs even if no one likes it to happen. Unfortunately, you may sometimes accidentally format your card or delete a video from SD card. Besides that, situation unexpected happens now and then, like your SD card becomes inaccessible due to data corruption, virus infection with your SD card, power failure and so on.
When facing these situations, don't worry. It is not too late to do something to get them back from the memory card now.

Android Data Recovery – your ideal tool to retrieve videos on SD card

With the Android Data Recovery, you can recover deleted videos from SD cards on Android devices. Luckily, it can support 98% of Android devices models and various Android OS.
Warm tip: In order to prevent your files from being overwritten, once you find that the data in your device lost, stop updating anything.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

Step 1: Install and run the program

Download the software, install it on your PC. Then choose "Android SD Card Data Recovery" from the side menu after you launch dr.fone toolkit for Android. Then you will see the window below.

run the program

Step 2: Connect your Android device to the computer

Make sure that it's detected successfully during you are connecting your Android phone. Or you can take off the SD card from your Android device, and plug it to the computer via a card reader. When the program recognizes your SD card, the window will be like below. Click 'Next' to move on.

connect device

Step 3: Select the scan mode

In this process, you need to choose a scan mode and continue by clicking on the 'Next' button.

scan mode

Then the program will begin to scan your Android SD card. Wait until it's complete.

scan process

Step 4: Preview and recover

You can preview all videos in the category of "Videos" in the scan result. Check the item that you want and click 'Recover' to save it. So that you can recover data from Android device.

recover videos

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

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