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How to Recover Deleted Contacts on Samsung Phone

by Kelly , Dec 13, 2016

Have you had this experience? You suddenly lost your contacts. I think that you will send a message on Facebook or email to let your friend know and let them leave their phone number for the first time. But now it does not matter how you lost them, such as accidental deletion, corrupted software or interrupted rooting. Because it is possible for you to recover your contacts. Thus, I will show you a helpful tool, Android Data Recovery, which can solve this annoying recovery problem. It can help you restore your contacts easily on your Samsung device.

Android Data Recovery – your convenient tool to recover

With the help of Android Data Recovery, you will find that recovery is not the difficult problem. You can use it to restore all your contacts easily and quickly.

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Step 1: Launch the application and connect your devices

To begin, you should download and install this program. After that, you can run it and connect your Samsung device to your computer via the USB cable.

connect device to PC

Attendance: A message will appear on your device if you have not enabled USB debugging on your Samsung phone. You can ignore this if you have done this before.

enable USB debugging

Step 2: Choose the type of file

In this step, you need to choose what you want to restore. In this case, it is "Contacts". Click the 'Next' button for the next step.

select files you want to recover

Step 3: Select the scanning mode
There will be two scanning modes to choose. As the advice, "Standard Mode" will be better. Of course, you can select "Advanced Mode" to a complete scan for your device.

Attendance: During the scan, you may encounter the Superuser authorization notification. If you get this message, you should click on 'Allow'.

choose scan mode

Step 4: Preview and recover your contacts

In this process, you can preview your contacts. And then check the boxes beside the file name and tap 'Recover' to save them on your computer.

restore contacts

Only four procedures, you can restore your contacts simply. So why not try? But most importantly, Backup regularly is very necessary.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

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