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How to Recover Deleted Call Logs on Samsung Devices

by Kelly , Dec 21, 2016

Have you been through a situation sometime or the other, when you deleted something important from your phone in a hurry or by mistake? If that's what happened to you right now, there's no need to panic. Here is one solution you can get back all those call logs you deleted from your phone incautiously with the help of Android Data Recovery for Samsung phone.

Android Data Recovery – your handy tool of recovery

By running Android Data Recovery, here you will know how and why your call logs can be recovered on Samsung phones.

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Step 1. Connect your Android device to the computer
Once you've downloaded and installed Android Data Recovery, run it on your computer. Then you will see the window below.

Warm tip: It is important that you ensure your phone’s battery level is at least 20%.

connect device to PC

Step 2. Enable USB debugging

If you didn't enable the USB debugging on your Samsung device, you will see the window below. Then turn to your device and enable it. If you've already enabled it before, skip this step.

enable USB debugging

Step 3. Select the type of files

You can choose the type of files what you want to recover, once your device is connected successfully. In this situation, you want to recover "Call history", so you need to tap it to the left side. Then click 'Next' to continue.

choose type of files

Step 4. Choose the scan mode

In this step, you can see that there are two modes of scan for your choice. As recommended, the "Standard Mode" as your first try will be better. If it doesn't, you can switch to the "Advanced Mode" later. Next, click 'Start' to continue.

select scan mode

Step 5. Preview and restore

When the scan process stops, you can begin to preview all found data in the scan result one by one. To recover call logs from Samsung mobile phone, choose "Call history" and you can preview them. Check the item that you want and click 'Recover' to save it.

preview and recover

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

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