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How to Recover Data From Android Devices

by Kelly , Dec 28, 2016

Your Android device no doubt carries a lot of information. After a period of time, you would find that you have lost all or some of that data. One of the major causes of data loss for Android users is usually accidental deletion and software issues. No matter how you lost data, you need a helpful solution to get it all back. The ideal software should be easy to use, fast, effective and reliable. Here I would like to recommend you a piece of software, which can fulfill your requirement.

Android Data Recovery -  an effective tool for recovery

As far as I am concerned, Android Data Recovery is a good choice for you to restore your lost data on your Android mobile phone.

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Step 1. Connect your Android device to your PC

Download and install Android Data Recovery on your PC. Launch the program and then connect your device via USB cable.

connect device

Step 2. Enable USB debugging

You need to enable USB debugging to allow this software to recognize your device. The instructions on how you can enable USB debugging on your Android device will be displayed in the next window.

enable USB debugging

Step 3. Select the type of file

In this process, you can choose the type of file you want to scan for. Just tick the checkbox next to it. After the selection is complete, click 'Next' to continue.

choose type of file

Step 4. Choose scan mode

Let the software start scanning your Android device. Here is two mode for you to select: "Standard Mode" and "Advanced Mode". As the recommend, "Standard Mode" will be better. But if this mode does not work, you can try another option.

scan mode

Step 5. Preview and recover

Android Data Recovery will scan your mobile phone for the deleted files and available files in the next window. From here you can choose the files you want to recover and click on 'Recover'.

retrieve data

It is so simple! The next time you accidentally delete your files, don't panic. You can easily get them back by Android Data Recovery.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

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