Android Data Recovery

Android Data Recovery

The Simple and Swift Solution to Recover Files on Android

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Recover Lost Data on Android Mobile

Recover lost data from Android phone

Thanks to the cutting-edge technology, Android Data Recovery is able to recover lost data from most common situations. When the data get lost due to accidental deletion, system crash, unexpected SD card format, rooting error or ROM flashing, the program can easily restore them back.

Restore Multiple File Types in One Click

Restore different files on Android

No matter what kinds of files are deleted, Android Data Recovery can easily scan, locate and recover them back to external storage.
Contacts: Info with names, telephone numbers and Email address.
Messages: Both sent and received SMS and MMS.
Call logs: Call-in and call-out history in the most recent months.
Photos: Shot by camera and save via Internet.
Videos: Most types includes mp4, avi and rm formats.
Documents: Office files and pdf storage on SD card.

Support Various Android models

All supported models

You can apply this tool to nearly 5000 Android phones, tablets, wear from Samsung, Google Nexus, Sony, HTC, Motorola, Huawei. The tool can recover files from devices base on Android version 2.3 to the latest Android 6.0, Marshmallow.

Selectable Professional Recover Modes

Professional Deep Scan Mode

Android Data Recovery has more than ten modes to recover files from Android mobile. No matter your phone is rooted or not, with SD card installed or just using internal storage. The tool will analyze and proceed the suitable mode to restore lost data.

Safe and Secure Guarantee

Data safe guarantee

The Android Data Recovery will only scan and read data on your Android phone and tablet for recovery uses. No data and infos will be sent to any remote server. All your information will not share to other organizations in any cases.

What We promise

Money Back

Recovery Android Studio offers money back guarantee. You can get rufund within 30 days after you purchase our software. Send us Email if the product can't fix your problem.

Customer Review

"One day I deleted my files on my phone accidentally. Fortunately, by using Android Data Recovery, I restore my lost photos and contacts easily. Android Data Recovery is really useful for me to get a colorful digital life!"